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December 2013 Archives

New Mexico residents susceptible to internet crimes, violations

In today's vast technological age, New Mexico businesses and consumers alike rely heavily on the internet to conduct and grow their businesses. From advertising products, blogging about new creations, ordering stock and communicating with vendors and manufacturers, the internet is a huge component of many daily operations. For businesses or consumers who work primarily over the internet, or who have copyrighted materials on the internet, there are some obvious downfalls, however.

Did toy company infringe on Beastie Boys' copyright?

New Mexico parents may be familiar with GoldieBlox, a toy company whose products encourage girls to get involved in engineering, math and science. The company designs toys to challenge girls to use their minds. Unfortunately for GoldiBlox, its advertisements have come under fire from the Beastie Boys. The band says the company infringed on its copyright of "Girls," a song the band recorded in 1987.

Supreme Court to hear patent protection case involving software

The U.S. Supreme Court will be ruling upon a lawsuit concerning patent protection and computer software.  The case is complex and concerns a patent on a system that would limit risks concerning a party to a derivative trade not following through with its obligations. 


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