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February 2014 Archives

Protecting a trade secret very important for American businesses

A man was recently accused of stealing intellectual property from an American company, reminding business owners of the importance of protecting a trade secret. The man was accused of stealing information from a seed company to sell the information to a similar company in China. Protecting a trade secret is essential for a business, especially one of bioengineers' seeds.

How to protect intellectual property infringement in business

One of the hardest aspects of starting a business is defending intellectual property against possible infringement. Many business owners fail to take the proper steps to protect themselves, and the result can be years of possible infringement litigation and expensive legal fees. However, pursuing a patent can be a lengthy process and an expensive one.

Properly securing internet intellectual property

Many New Mexico residents are exploring options for starting an online business and taking the steps to properly secure internet intellectual property. It is especially important to take the proper steps to secure internet intellectual property because of the high rate of copyright infringement and patent violation. In fact, one of the first steps for new business owners should be to ensure that all legal paperwork and protection is in place.

The ongoing battle in Hollywood over copyright protection

It is no secret to New Mexico readers that there is an ongoing battle in Hollywood over copyright infringement and how to protect copyrighted property. Specifically, there is an ongoing battle between the Writers Guild of America West and the Motion Picture Association of America over file-sharing sites. The dispute between the two organizations stems from a disagreement over copyright infringement and online streaming on these file-sharing sites.

Did TV show infringe on another writer's copyright?

The Fox television show "New Girl" has gained a following around the country and here in New Mexico. The premise of the show and the personalities of the characters are intriguing to many people. They are especially interesting to two women who claim that the alleged creators of the show are guilty of copyright infringement.


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