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June 2014 Archives

Licensing could be key for business profits

For certain businesses, licensing is a vital part of profit-making. This is especially important for a New Mexico business that will sell merchandise and other products. Illustrating the importance of licensing is the massive amount of profit enjoyed by the NCAA, which amounts to almost $700 million from royalty revenue.

Even small businesses needs protection from infringement

Protecting intellectual property from infringement is important for any type and size of business. Even the smallest of businesses are prone to become victims of infringement, making it vital for all New Mexico businesses to take the necessary steps to legally protect their operations. Intellectual property is essential to business success.

The future of music licensing could change with court hearing

As music has steadily converted to digital formats, the question of licensing has become the source of a major debate in the music industry. The result of this licensing debate will have a major impact for copyright law and digital goods, both inside and outside the music industry. The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet will soon listen to arguments on both sides during a hearing on this subject.

Protect intellectual property before infringement occurs

Intellectual property is a vital part of the success of many companies, yet infringement is a growing problem for many of them. Some young companies do not properly take care of their intellectual property by instilling the needed protections. Infringement often occurs when the companies go public and legal protective measures are not in place.


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