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Intellectual Property Litigation Archives

Even small businesses needs protection from infringement

Protecting intellectual property from infringement is important for any type and size of business. Even the smallest of businesses are prone to become victims of infringement, making it vital for all New Mexico businesses to take the necessary steps to legally protect their operations. Intellectual property is essential to business success.

Protect intellectual property before infringement occurs

Intellectual property is a vital part of the success of many companies, yet infringement is a growing problem for many of them. Some young companies do not properly take care of their intellectual property by instilling the needed protections. Infringement often occurs when the companies go public and legal protective measures are not in place.

Possible changes could make it easier to secure a trademark

New Mexico individuals and companies may be familiar with the complexity and difficulty of securing a trademark. The Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has recently announced that they have proposed changes that will make it easier and less expensive to get a trademark. The changes would revolve around the application process and new options for applicants.

Tarantino, copyright infringement and the internet

New Mexico readers know how easy it is for copyrighted material to be illegally released on the internet, which often brings up the legal issue of copyright infringement. From music releases to pirated movies, it can be difficult to protect intellectual property on the web. Recently, a Quentin Tarantino movie script was released by the website Gawker, prompting Tarantino to file a lawsuit over copyright infringement.

Infringement case may affect TV viewers in New Mexico

An individual may love television, but he or she might love the idea of watching TV on a computer or tablet even more. Accessing television from anywhere that WiFi is available can be exciting for an on-the-go individual who has little time to spend in front of the tube every night. However, one company that tried to offer this service for a relatively low cost was recently sued for copyright infringement; the verdict very well could have a major impact on how people in New Mexico and other parts of the U.S. watch TV in the future.

How to protect intellectual property infringement in business

One of the hardest aspects of starting a business is defending intellectual property against possible infringement. Many business owners fail to take the proper steps to protect themselves, and the result can be years of possible infringement litigation and expensive legal fees. However, pursuing a patent can be a lengthy process and an expensive one.

Intellectual property litigation: Fox sued for theft of show idea

Hollywood is full of its ups and downs. There are a number of issues that almost certainly arise in Hollywood, which many of us in New Mexico are likely unaware of. One common issue that Hollywood is likely familiar with is intellectual property litigation. In fact, this is occurring as we speak.

Victoria's Secret in trademark dispute over use of 'Pink' name

What's in a name? Two apparel companies are in a trademark dispute over that very issue. The popular "Pink" line of apparel purchased at Victoria's Secret by consumers in New Mexico and around the world is now under attack by the British company Thomas Pink, which manufacturers designer shirts for men and women. The companies are suing each other over the right to use "pink" as a trademark.

Complex IP dispute settled for a little over a million dollars

A lawsuit filed by a pair of solutions providers has been settled.  Technology Integration Group had accused Nexus IS and former employees of TIG of theft of trade secrets.  Nexus has also been accused of illegally hiring on former TIG personnel in violation of various contracts.  Nexus has decided to settle the lawsuit for $1.04 million without any admission of guilt.


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