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What is cybersquatting and how can it hurt businesses?

The Internet is a valuable tool that business owners in New Mexico and across the country can use to help their companies grow. No matter how big or small a company is, consumers want easy access to information about the business, including services offered and product availability. Company websites are created with domain names that generally contain a company trademark, which is something that quickly identifies to consumers that the website belongs to the company for which they are searching. However, others may try to benefit from a company's name or trademark by buying domain names with a similar name or phrase, then selling them for a profit. This is known as cybersquatting, and it can have a negative impact on business growth.

Domain name disputes can lead to litigation

Many people living in New Mexico and across the country today would have a difficult time making it to the end of the day without access to the Internet. It provides users with driving directions, social interactions, online sales and much more. Google is one company that many people think of when considering the Internet, which happens to be involved in a recent case regarding domain name disputes. In this dispute, two men claim that the company has become so popular that the word Google is too generic to retain its trademark.

The basics of protecting Internet intellectual property

Protecting Internet intellectual property is one of the most important things that a company or business can do. However, this process can seem daunting and unnecessary to some business owners. Simply by better understanding how to protect Internet intellectual property, start-up business owners can make the necessary and proactive steps for the benefit of the company.

Potential new Internet laws could affect net neutrality

New Mexico readers may be aware that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently opened a discussion for new laws that will change the Internet. These new measures will affect net neutrality, which will therefore affect the way that the Internet is used by both individuals and businesses. One of the main questions under discussion is the speed of the connection offered by Internet providers.

Properly securing internet intellectual property

Many New Mexico residents are exploring options for starting an online business and taking the steps to properly secure internet intellectual property. It is especially important to take the proper steps to secure internet intellectual property because of the high rate of copyright infringement and patent violation. In fact, one of the first steps for new business owners should be to ensure that all legal paperwork and protection is in place.

New Mexico residents susceptible to internet crimes, violations

In today's vast technological age, New Mexico businesses and consumers alike rely heavily on the internet to conduct and grow their businesses. From advertising products, blogging about new creations, ordering stock and communicating with vendors and manufacturers, the internet is a huge component of many daily operations. For businesses or consumers who work primarily over the internet, or who have copyrighted materials on the internet, there are some obvious downfalls, however.


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