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Did former software executive steal trade secrets?

With the speed at which computer technology is growing, software companies in New Mexico and across the country have more reason than ever to protect their ideas and products.  When an executive with one of these companies resigns his or her position, there is a legitimate concern that he or she could reveal the company's trade secrets to another employer.  This is the concern behind a lawsuit filed by an out-of-state software company against a former executive. It is claimed that the executive revealed the company's secrets to her new employer.

Court rules employee did not violate non-compete agreements

In a ruling that may interest business owners in New Mexico, a court ruled that an employee did not violate the terms of non-compete agreements with his former employer. The case stemmed from a man who joined a competitor 10 days after he left his employer, possibly in violation of non-compete agreements. The man was originally employed by a home healthcare provider as a patient advocate.

Trade secrets stolen from meat processing company

Cargill Inc. has sued a former employee, claiming the executive stole trade secrets and gave them to a new employer. The company claims that the man took the information shortly before he accepted a new position with a rival company. Trade secrets are incredibly valuable to a company, including those in New Mexico, and legal action may be in order when this information is compromised.

Judge determines man violated non-compete agreements

According to a judge, one of the owners of the large chain of gyms and workout facilities, Work Out World (WOW), has violated non-compete agreements with the shareholders and other owners. A co-owner and the widow of one of the owners filed the compliant against the man because he opened competing workout facilities in violation of the agreement. Non-compete agreements stated that no partners or owners can open a gym or competing facility within 50 miles of a WOW gym.

Improving the economy by protecting trade secrets

Trade secrets are some of the most valuable types of property owned by a company or business in New Mexico. It is especially important to take the proper steps to protect trade secrets because, unlike copyrights and patents, this information is private. In every industry and every type of business, this information can be the key to economic success.

Theft of trade secrets leads to criminal charges

A former researcher has pleaded guilty to criminal charges after it was learned that he hid the theft of trade secrets from his employer. A co-worker apparently stole trade secrets, and this man helped him by hiding computers with evidence of the crime. The two men were employed by Citadel LLC, a hedge fund company. Both men faced criminal charges and entered guilty pleas, and now both are awaiting sentencing.

Does spending qualify as a "trade secret" of a company?

After Hurricane Sandy swept through the East Coast, the American Red Cross collected millions of dollars, but the organization claims that how it spent that money qualifies as a trade secret. New Mexico readers will note that this is an interesting trade secret claim because many feel that the charitable organization should disclose how and where those contributions were dispersed. Typically, the Red Cross does not release many details about how it spends money, especially after a disaster.

Fighting trade secret theft for America's businesses

New Mexico business owners are often familiar with the fact that trade secret theft is a real threat to both large and small companies across the country. Fortunately, there are steps that businesses can take to protect trade secrets and other intellectual property. If trade secret theft does unfortunately occur, there are legal options for recourse.

Trade secret law and new healthcare laws

With the new healthcare laws that have recently come into place, it may seem unclear how the medical legislation relates to protecting a trade secret. However, the company that has been given the responsibility to run the call centers for the new healthcare exchange in another state claims that they do not have to release invoices. The company, called Maximus, says that the amount that they are paid by the state is protected by a trade secret.

Protecting a trade secret very important for American businesses

A man was recently accused of stealing intellectual property from an American company, reminding business owners of the importance of protecting a trade secret. The man was accused of stealing information from a seed company to sell the information to a similar company in China. Protecting a trade secret is essential for a business, especially one of bioengineers' seeds.


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